Who’s in Your Tribe?

I saw a t-shirt once that said “Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe”, at least, I think I saw it on a t-shirt… Pretty cool, either way. Then yesterday, I was out for a run when the phrase from this t-shirt came back to me. It was a gorgeous sunny day outside, and I decided to go for what may be my last run outside in Columbus for a long time. I was running along the sidewalk of a fairly major strip of road when I passed another runner. He gave a “thumb’s up” and kept running. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this from a runner; it could be a “thumb’s up” a friendly wave or nod…I’ve seen various gestures of support (Maybe they’re feeling pity for me, since I’m not a natural runner?).

The thing about runners, cross-fitters, power lifters, bodybuilders, gym-goers, really any fitness group I’ve been around over the years that I think is pretty cool, is that they have definitely attracted a tribe. It’s like there’s something about being part of that crew…no matter what group you fit into, you feel like you belong to something a little bit bigger. The camaraderie, support, and advice you gain from being around other individuals with similar fitness interests is pretty incredible. There’s no feeling like trying to push yourself, and someone is there to cheer you on.

You’re vibe attracts your tribe. Find your tribe. Find an individual, a group of individuals, that cheer you on. We all need motivation at some point or another. We all need advice on how to push through a temporary setback or plateau. We all need someone on our side telling us that, yes, yes we can do this. It is possible. Maybe it’s the empathy…Maybe it’s having someone on your side that understands, and has been through, what you’re going through now that makes it feel so good.

If you’ve had setbacks or failures in the past, find someone or a group of someones to work or workout with. If you’re just starting this journey for the first time; try a few different gyms, a few types of exercise, maybe look for a running group or something….If you’re in the middle of a setback and it seems hopeless, find a group that has a similar mindset. They’ve been through it before. You’re success is the most important thing, but no one can do it alone.


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