What’s the Next Quick Fix?

Why is it so easy to jump on the bandwagon; joining in on the current diet fads? Remember Atkins, South Beach, Paleo, and more recently keto? Remember those lists that tell you the right foods to eat to lose belly fat? Where are all of these now? (Admittedly, keto is still going strong.) Have you been part of the crew before, joining in and trying the most recent craze? Did it work? I bet it did….for awhile, anyways. I’m not here to bash any diet…hey, if it works for you, go for it… but, have you tried just eating more nutritious whole foods before trying out one of these diets?

A lot of diets work for people due to reaching the required calorie deficit for an individual to lose weight. Diets, though, can be hard to sustain for some individuals. They can be drastic changes from what your used to. Does this drastic change lead to long term success, or, have you experienced the yo-yo effect? Is this really what your looking for, or, would you rather slowly develop the lifestyle required to sustain the body composition change you desire? These diets are appealing, because we like quick results. Looking into the long-term is difficult…results are slower…it’s hard to know where to start…motivation can wax and wane….

If you’re looking for the next quick fix diet craze, take a step back. Look at your current nutrition. What do you eat? How do you eat? When do you eat? Pick one thing you’d like to work on. Either pick a small goal you know you can attain, or pick the goal that will give you the biggest bang for your buck. Break the goal down…then break it down even more. It should be a challenge, but it shouldn’t be so difficult that it’s unattainable. Instead of looking for the next quick fix, look at your current food. Instead of looking to a diet fad, look to eating whole foods. It may make a huge difference!!


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