Move Through the Pain to Reach for the Pleasure (How to Find Your Success)

I’ve seen this on Instagram posts…I’ve heard this from bosses when teaching sales…I don’t know if it holds true, scientifically, but it makes sense to me due to personal experience. Here is the idea/phrase I’m talking about: People tend move away from pain and towards comfort, or pleasure. And, this does make sense. Pain is uncomfortable. Why wouldn’t someone move away from the pain and towards the pleasure?

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You Have to Want It Badly Enough! (Does that phrase annoy you as much as it does me?) Does This Motivation Work?

“You have to want it badly enough.” Have you heard that phrase before? Or, has your level of motivation ever come in question from your personal trainer, family members, or friends? Have you been offered an incentive such as some branded swag, gift cards, money, etc. to reach your fitness goal? These statements and actions try to address and improve your motivation through external factors or guilt when you’re not hitting your goals. In my experience, guilt does not work. It just doesn’t. I feel that it’s easy to lose the sense of support in a personal trainer/mentor/teacher when they guilt or shame you into performing differently. That’s just poor coaching. And, offering incentives doesn’t work either, long term. In fact, offering incentives can have the opposite effect.

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And the Winner of “The Best (Diet, Exercise, Exercise Routine, etc.)” Goes To…

I don’t know if any of you notice the same things that I do when scrolling through the news feed of my phone, but something that’s really stood out to me lately are headlines that include the word “Best” or some other synonym when referencing what types of exercises we should be doing or what types of foods we should be eating. This is being applied to ANYTHING food/fitness related it seems like. These are the best foods to eat for burning fat….this is the best exercise routine for gaining muscle…..which is best, steady state cardio or interval training…..The list seems to go on and on.

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Failing Successfully

I wasn’t sure what to start writing about this week, but it came to me this morning after waking up from a slightly rowdy night with the boys while on vacation. Let’s just say the healthiest decisions regarding food, beverages, and fitness behaviors have not been made since leaving home. Yes, I did get a quick workout in yesterday, but I’m going to say it was half-ass, since admittedly I was still recovering from the night before and running on too little sleep. This is not a game plan for success. “Failures” came from every direction. Food – failed. Fitness – failed. These are the times it’s easy to beat up on yourself; potentially contemplate giving up.

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Healthy Habits – Fitting Them In?

My philosophy to reaching fitness goals is to slowly introduce sustainable changes that will help you to reach your health/fitness/wellness goals. Baby steps are HUGE! Well, they’re not huge, obviously…they’re baby steps… but, they’re incredibly important. If done correctly, I feel these baby steps will build on each other to help develop a lifestyle, helping you reach your ultimate goal. Over my years in the gym I’ve seen many people come and go. You’ve probably seen or experienced this yourself around January 1st. Huge goals are set; hit the gym to run the treadmill 30 minutes 5x/week and do 45 minutes of resistance training 3x/week. Then, all carbs are gone, pizza….gone. Bread….gone. Rice….Gone. It goes something like that….

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How to Really Lose Weight

The Secret

Here’s the secret to weight loss:  Eat less calories and move more. That’s it!  Nope, this strategy won’t make magazine headlines for being able to get your body ready for bikini season.  It’s just not as flashy. Sure, there are other variables such as optimizing hormones at certain times by doing certain types of training, sleeping right, and eating the right things at the right times will help you there as well, but the major part of losing weight is eat less and move more.  The concept is so simple, but putting it into practice is not. Should you be doing certain types of movement? Should you be weight training, doing cardio, or both?! Should you be eating eggs, or are those bad for you now? Or, maybe you can eat just the egg whites? It’s hard to navigate the world of fitness and nutrition.  It seems like everyone is an expert, yet you see different answers to the same questions all the time. How do you know who or what to believe?

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Fitness is Art??

I was on vacation with some of my family in Philadelphia, and we’re sightseeing some of the historical and interesting places around town.  We saw the Mutter Museum; a place full of strange and interesting medical phenomena and oddities, the Philadelphia Magic Gardens; a piece of property turned into a beautiful work of art to help an artist cope with his thoughts and emotions, and the Eastern State Penitentiary; a prison originally developed to detain a person in total silence for the duration of their sentence.  We also visited the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and some other tourist attractions while in town. Thinking about the Magic Gardens and these historical sites had gotten me thinking about fitness and our own individual paths. I wanted to write down some of my thoughts, particularly concerning the Magic Gardens and how it relates. I know what you’re thinking; How could I draw parallels between an art exhibit and fitness?  Here’s how: Continue reading “Fitness is Art??”

Working Out and Working Through Injuries

You’ve been working hard for your goals!  You’ve been hitting the gym consistently. You’re getting great workouts in, your cardio is on point, and you’ve been eating your lean proteins, healthy fats, and leafy greens.  Then one day, BAM!!, you’ve been hit in the face with an unexpected injury (maybe figuratively…..or quite literally you got hit in the face…..either way, injuries suck). You’ve been told by your doctor(s) that you’re not allowed to workout the way you usually would.  What do you do? Do you keep working out? Can you keep working out? Do you give it up all together? Do you change your workouts? Do you go home and pout about it, or, do you try and figure out a way to overcome these setbacks to keep pushing forward? Until recently, I would have undoubtedly said keep pushing forward, but to be honest, when I recently encountered my own issues with injury, I pouted initially. Continue reading “Working Out and Working Through Injuries”