My Beliefs as a Personal Trainer

I believe that pursuing the path of fitness is empowering, and all individuals should feel empowered.  They should feel empowered to live the life they want to live with the quality they want to live it. I believe that fitness can improve the mind, body, and spirit.  Participating in regular physical activity really is medicine, and its side effects are increased self-esteem, increased quality of everyday living, and increased confidence.  All people can begin to lead a more active lifestyle; no matter where they are in their life and no matter their age. I believe that the “how” to participating in exercise and physical activity can be unclear and challenging, but that should not be a reason for avoiding exercise.

My goal, as a personal trainer, is to provide the hands on education needed to help each individual reach their goals.  I’m not here to count reps, yell at you, or make you feel guilty. I’m here to provide guidance, a listening ear, education, motivation, structure, and results.  I’m here to walk with you through the “how”; to help you feel empowered. Personal training should be just that, personal. I want each one of you to obtain the results you desire.

Fitness, for me, hasn’t been about looking better, it’s been about feeling better.  It’s about walking more confidently. It’s about attaining a higher quality of living.  If you’re working towards your goals, look back at how far you’ve come. If you haven’t started yet, just think of the possibilities!


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