Move Through the Pain to Reach for the Pleasure (How to Find Your Success)

I’ve seen this on Instagram posts…I’ve heard this from bosses when teaching sales…I don’t know if it holds true, scientifically, but it makes sense to me due to personal experience. Here is the idea/phrase I’m talking about: People tend move away from pain and towards comfort, or pleasure. And, this does make sense. Pain is uncomfortable. Why wouldn’t someone move away from the pain and towards the pleasure?

With fitness and nutrition, finding your true reason for reaching your goals is going bring up feelings of pain. Your true “Why” for finding a new lifestyle in fitness and nutrition can bring up feelings of sadness, fear, etc. It is natural to move away from that. And that’s great! I want to help if I can!! We have to remember to use that pain, because, it will get us through the pain of the workouts and the adjusted food routine. I’m guessing that your true “Why” is more painful than the temporary discomfort of working out or the discomfort of trying new foods.

When I talk about your “Why” , I’m not talking about fitting into a new dress, pair of pants, or swimsuit. I’m talking about worrying about being there for your kids as they grow. I’m talking about worrying about being able to be self-reliant as you age….that sort of thing. Deep stuff. Stuff that hurts. We all have different “Why”‘s , and for each of us; it’s personal. Write down your true “Why” and keep it somewhere you can see it daily, because, you will have to work through other types of pain with your fitness and nutrition.

To get away from your “Why” pain, you’ll have to endure the pain of cardio, resistance training, eating differently. You’ll experience the pain of failure. You’ll experience the pain of success moving more slowly than you thought they would. Here’s my advice: Show up. Show up, do your best, and realize you’re going to be uncomfortable. Don’t turn your life on end at the beginning. Start little by little, but it will still be uncomfortable. Just show up. The long term results will be worth it. And in the end, you’ll develop a comfort with your new routine. It’ll come. And, long term, you’ll move away from the pain of your “Why” and towards the comfort and pleasure of the new you. It’s all worth it.


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