Failing Successfully

I wasn’t sure what to start writing about this week, but it came to me this morning after waking up from a slightly rowdy night with the boys while on vacation. Let’s just say the healthiest decisions regarding food, beverages, and fitness behaviors have not been made since leaving home. Yes, I did get a quick workout in yesterday, but I’m going to say it was half-ass, since admittedly I was still recovering from the night before and running on too little sleep. This is not a game plan for success. “Failures” came from every direction. Food – failed. Fitness – failed. These are the times it’s easy to beat up on yourself; potentially contemplate giving up.

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Healthy Habits – Fitting Them In?

My philosophy to reaching fitness goals is to slowly introduce sustainable changes that will help you to reach your health/fitness/wellness goals. Baby steps are HUGE! Well, they’re not huge, obviously…they’re baby steps… but, they’re incredibly important. If done correctly, I feel these baby steps will build on each other to help develop a lifestyle, helping you reach your ultimate goal. Over my years in the gym I’ve seen many people come and go. You’ve probably seen or experienced this yourself around January 1st. Huge goals are set; hit the gym to run the treadmill 30 minutes 5x/week and do 45 minutes of resistance training 3x/week. Then, all carbs are gone, pizza….gone. Bread….gone. Rice….Gone. It goes something like that….

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