How to Really Lose Weight

The Secret

Here’s the secret to weight loss:  Eat less calories and move more. That’s it!  Nope, this strategy won’t make magazine headlines for being able to get your body ready for bikini season.  It’s just not as flashy. Sure, there are other variables such as optimizing hormones at certain times by doing certain types of training, sleeping right, and eating the right things at the right times will help you there as well, but the major part of losing weight is eat less and move more.  The concept is so simple, but putting it into practice is not. Should you be doing certain types of movement? Should you be weight training, doing cardio, or both?! Should you be eating eggs, or are those bad for you now? Or, maybe you can eat just the egg whites? It’s hard to navigate the world of fitness and nutrition.  It seems like everyone is an expert, yet you see different answers to the same questions all the time. How do you know who or what to believe?

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