Fitness is Art??

I was on vacation with some of my family in Philadelphia, and we’re sightseeing some of the historical and interesting places around town.  We saw the Mutter Museum; a place full of strange and interesting medical phenomena and oddities, the Philadelphia Magic Gardens; a piece of property turned into a beautiful work of art to help an artist cope with his thoughts and emotions, and the Eastern State Penitentiary; a prison originally developed to detain a person in total silence for the duration of their sentence.  We also visited the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and some other tourist attractions while in town. Thinking about the Magic Gardens and these historical sites had gotten me thinking about fitness and our own individual paths. I wanted to write down some of my thoughts, particularly concerning the Magic Gardens and how it relates. I know what you’re thinking; How could I draw parallels between an art exhibit and fitness?  Here’s how: Continue reading “Fitness is Art??”