Working Out and Working Through Injuries

You’ve been working hard for your goals!  You’ve been hitting the gym consistently. You’re getting great workouts in, your cardio is on point, and you’ve been eating your lean proteins, healthy fats, and leafy greens.  Then one day, BAM!!, you’ve been hit in the face with an unexpected injury (maybe figuratively…..or quite literally you got hit in the face…..either way, injuries suck). You’ve been told by your doctor(s) that you’re not allowed to workout the way you usually would.  What do you do? Do you keep working out? Can you keep working out? Do you give it up all together? Do you change your workouts? Do you go home and pout about it, or, do you try and figure out a way to overcome these setbacks to keep pushing forward? Until recently, I would have undoubtedly said keep pushing forward, but to be honest, when I recently encountered my own issues with injury, I pouted initially. Continue reading “Working Out and Working Through Injuries”