Staying in Your Routine When You’re Out of Your Routine

Adhering to a nutrition plan and exercise program is a difficult endeavor, especially if you’re just starting something new.  So, what happens when you’re thrown out of your routine? What happens when you have to travel for work, leave for vacation, or have family and friends coming into town?  That throws an extra kink into your already difficult challenge. It makes it difficult to participate in your normal nutrition and exercise routine. You may not have access to a gym. You may not be able to cook as you usually would, and you’re sleep schedule may be shifted.  How do you keep progressing? How do you adjust to these changes in your normal routine? Continue reading “Staying in Your Routine When You’re Out of Your Routine”

Lessons Learned in Fitness

I was thinking about how long I’ve been pursuing fitness and exercising, and it feels like yesterday just walking into a gym for the first time.  The weights were intimidating, the people lifting weights were intimidating, and the people who seemed to be sprinting on the treadmill were intimidating. It was an overwhelming experience.  My body wasn’t coordinated. It wasn’t used to moving the way I wanted it to. For some reason, I came back….and came back….and came back. Through the years, working out has been time to bond with some of my closest friends, it has been time for me to think, time for me to relieve stress, and it has morphed into a career where I can look forward to helping others.  There have been both good and bad experiences on my path to fitness, but these experiences have taught me true life lessons. Here are some of the top things I’ve learned from fitness. Continue reading “Lessons Learned in Fitness”