Bad Food, Bad!

Let’s face it; exercise is great for increasing muscle tissue, increasing bone density, improving energy levels, increasing your ease of activities of everyday living, helping with disease control/prevention with illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, different cancers, etc., BUT, when it comes to losing weight…..calories are king.  Exercise definitely helps with weight loss. Increasing muscle tissue to increase resting metabolic rate, increases in hormones that help reduce fat, and participating in activity helps to burn calories; these all play a role, so don’t take my writing here as an excuse to not exercise. When it comes down to it, calories play a HUGE part in achieving weight loss.  The ironic thing about calories being key to losing weight is that food/nutrition habits may be the hardest habit to change. I have learned this both personally and in working with others. Continue reading “Bad Food, Bad!”

Living Stronger

A few days ago I was reading through my news feed when I stumbled on this article by Sarah Chamberlain from The Guardian: “Lift Your Way to Strength – and Help Your Body Stay Young” The title caught my eye, so I figured I’d skim it quickly to see what it was about.  “But strength is not just about appearances. It is a requirement for everyday life.”  This quote is what should be the motivation for picking up weights at the gym, and not just spending time on the hamster wheel.  Sure cardio is great, but don’t skip out on your strength training. Strength truly is beneficial for being able to more easily perform tasks in everyday life. Continue reading “Living Stronger”

My Beliefs as a Personal Trainer

I believe that pursuing the path of fitness is empowering, and all individuals should feel empowered.  They should feel empowered to live the life they want to live with the quality they want to live it. I believe that fitness can improve the mind, body, and spirit.  Participating in regular physical activity really is medicine, and its side effects are increased self-esteem, increased quality of everyday living, and increased confidence.  All people can begin to lead a more active lifestyle; no matter where they are in their life and no matter their age. I believe that the “how” to participating in exercise and physical activity can be unclear and challenging, but that should not be a reason for avoiding exercise. Continue reading “My Beliefs as a Personal Trainer”