Caffeine in Body Composition and Performance

I love just a little bit of caffeine before a quick run or a good lifting session.  It almost seems as if we’re addicted to having more energy. Caffeine is found in just about everything anymore.  You can obviously get your caffeine in your morning cup of Joe, but you can also find it in energy drinks, teas, supplements, and even chocolate bars with added caffeine.  Caffeine seems to help give you a little boost before you hit your workout, but what does it actually do for you? Continue reading “Caffeine in Body Composition and Performance”


Hello All!

Now that we’re quickly approaching March, I figured I’d check in to see how many of us are on track with our New Year’s Resolutions we set not too long ago.  What was your resolution? Are you still keeping pace and recording your progress? Many of us quickly give up on these resolutions and do not achieve our goals that we set for the New Year.  Why does it seem so easy to neglect these resolutions, just to try again next year? Continue reading “Work”