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I dropped over 90 pounds!

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In college, I reached my highest weight of 289 lbs. Then, I met Josh Grieser, owner of Function Fitness, and with a vigorous workout plan and a healthy diet, I dropped over 90 lbs.! Mr. Grieser has studied exercise science and physiology at The Ohio State University. First hand, his tactics are proven to work and change your life. When he first explained his method of working out, I dove into them fully as he explained “it’s science and how your body works and functions.” His understanding and studies of the human body allows him to have the upper hand over any other fitness program you see on the television or internet. Since my weight loss, I can live my everyday life to its fullest, enjoy being active every day, and can walk up the stairs without breathing heavily. Function Fitness’ programs makes working out a fun part of my life, and my body now craves the feeling of being healthy. I would give my highest recommendation to Josh and the Function Fitness crew, as they have changed my life for the better!” Weight loss is a personal struggle, but can be overcome with the right team – Function Fitness is it!

Louis S.

I Cried Like a Baby...

4 months ago I couldn't walk more than a mile without knee pain. I'm 20 years old and I couldn't walk through a zoo or a park or a mall without pain. I had fluid drained from my repeatedly swollen knees, corticosteroids steroids injected, and went through years of physical therapy. The pain started when I was 16 and I thought it would last my whole life, but it ended when I started working with Josh Grieser.

...As he took me through workouts, he explained things in detail referencing specific research papers and educational resources. He strengthened the muscles that stabilize my knees and today, not only can I walk without pain, I can also squat without pain.

My form isn't perfect, my strength isn't insane, but it's constantly improving and I'm consistently learning. No amount of money could repay Josh for the improvement in my quality of life.

I cried like a baby writing this post lol, but I want you guys to know how much he helped me (thank you Josh)...

Gabby M.